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Get away from the grind and find yourself among the best of friends. We've got a place waiting for you here at Cherry Smoke & Skate Shop and we believe in being an active part of the skateboarding community in our area and surrounding regions. Skate on by some time, this the place for you to unwind and feel comfortable. You will be among like minded folks who love and are passionate about the same sport that you are. Get away from the loud bars and annoying local hangouts where agro dudes chest bump each other at every turn and spill beer on you new kicks, somehow thinking you're the one to blame on this one. Come here for a sense of simpatico. We believe in creating a natural habitat for people who live and love an alternative lifestyle.

We're your neighborhood shop and we'd never steer your wrong. We're the number one skate shop in Long Beach, CA, and we renew our commitment every day to feature local brands and local products and to promote and support local artists and athletes. In our time of being a part of our local skating community we've had a chance to give back a fraction of the good fortune that we've accrued while keeping our moral tenets and ethos alive. We the place to go for skaters and people who might feel like something of an outcast. 

We've got great local products for all skaters, and we have customizable options for a person of any preference, and we sell complete boards, equipped with bearings, trucks, and wheels. Explore more deeply the counter culture, find out why you don't find comfort in traveling with the flock. You know you're different, and that's why you're here. Embrace your inner iconoclast.

Grab a skateboard and shred today.

Business Address:

418 Cherry Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802

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Business Hours

Mon-Sat 10:00am - 8:00pm
Sun Closed

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