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It doesn't matter if you skate, vape, smoke the more traditional ways, or the more exotic ways. We've conceived of and built a store that can supply products and experiences promoting the alternative lifestyle. It's the life we live here at Cherry Smoke & Skate Shop, and we're the leader in the industry in Long Beach, CA. We also believe in supplying a community, a place of refuge where the misunderstood can be understood and supported in a positive setting. We've got open hearts and minds. We only house local products and feature local manufacturing and also local skaters, because we believe it is our obligation and responsibility to give back to our same community that give so much to us. It's really the very least we can do.

We have a most reliable and friendly staff who have knowledge to impart, but are also open to gaining more knowledge in a field that keeps changing and growing every year. We offer a wide range, a vast array of products, including but not limited to skate decks, trucks, wheels, accessories and merchandise. We also offer a wide range of smoke supplies and devices, whether you use a vaporizer, a water piper, a bong, joint papers, blunt wraps, we have the means for whatever your sophisticated taste desires. We promote and use our products ourselves, and we believe in featuring the work and product of local purveyors, artists, and athletes. We've truly built a unique experience at Cherry Smoke & Skate Shop, and it all starts with you. We have a place for you to come to submerge yourself in your interests, hobbies, and recreational activities.

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